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Factory Size

Capital KRW 1.5 billion 15-year sales Approximately KRW 12.3 billion
Site area 1,500 pyeong (self-owned) Factory area 500 pyeong (self-owned)
Employment 29 employees Certifications HACCP, ISO 9001, and KOSHER
Main facilities 15 four-wheeled hydraulic oil press machines
12 two-wheeled hydraulic oil press machines
1 color sorter
9 toasting machines
Vehicle 1 one-ton freight car
1 one-ton cargo truck

Main Customers

OEM Partners

OEM Partners
Foodmerce, Ourhome, Daesang, Dongwon Home Food, and Jungdeun Saramdeul

Institutional Food Services

Institutional Food Services
Ourhome and Shinsegae Food

Food Manufacturers

Food Manufacturers
Dongwon F&B, Pulmuone, CJ Seafood, Paldo, Nolboo, KSB Foods, Umji Food, Cwood, Ilpoom, and Chung A Frozen Foods


Hyundai Department Store, Hyundai DSF, and Nonghyup Hanaro Mart

Products and Capacity

Sesame oil Daily output of 3 tons 22 oil press machines
Toasted sesame seeds Daily output of 3 tons 10 toasting machines
Perilla oil Daily output of 1 ton 6 oil press machines
Perilla seed powder Daily output of 1 ton 4 dehulling machines